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Everyone loves getting behind the wheel of their next car, whether a new car or used car, in Omaha, NE. It’s the start of something bold, new, and exciting in your life, and if you’re looking for facts on how to finance your car, you can start with our apply for financing page at Edwards Hyundai! We’re Hyundai finance experts and we’re also big fans of convenience, which is why we’re glad to offer purchasing and financing in the same place. Learn how to finance your car from our Hyundai finance team!

How to Finance Your Car: Your Options

You’ve got several options when it comes to financing your Atlantic car. There’s the local bank, as well as the credit union, as well as speciality financing solutions online, and they’re all good options that you should consider.

However, there are perks to buying and financing your car in the same place, most notably in the sense of continuity you get. When you buy and finance at the dealership, you’ve got our team backing you up so you don’t have to juggle around different phone numbers and apps to keep on top of things. In addition, we’re local and members of the community in Council Bluffs, Missouri Valley, and beyond. It just makes sense to buy and finance in the same place.

Thankfully, with the innovative technology we offer on this page, you can get approved for financing from the comfort of your own home.

How To Finance Your Car at the Dealership

There’s perks and drawbacks to bringing your financing to the dealership. If you’re unfamiliar with how the process goes because you’ve financed at the bank in the past or you’re unfamiliar with the process, here’s our guide to how things work at the dealership:

  • The dealership partners with local lenders to give you a great rate on your vehicle. However, you’ll interact with the dealer as an intermediary between you and the lender, so all the contact stays in one place.
  • You’ll have a chat with someone from the dealership finance department, which will square away your financials and finalize the deal. This will involve the vetting of your financial information and proof of income, among other things.
  • After you’re approved, you’ll talk with the finance representative at the dealership to hammer out any inconsistencies in the terms. After that, you’ll drive off the lot with your vehicle without having to deal with the long process and competition for attention at the bank!

We Can Answer Everything, In Person or Online

Now that you know the basics on how to finance your car, if you’ve got other Hyundai finance questions we’ve got some solutions for you. You can come on down to our lot in Council Bluffs and talk to us in person, but we’ve also got options for you online. Namely, we suggest filling out our contact form, which will get you in touch with someone from our team.